Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Village – Roof making (post by Bill & Liz)

Traditionally village houses have a roof made from sago leaves woven together. Julie’s village brother, Sake, is building a new house and he was making some of the roof material while we were there.

Sake invited Bill to have a go at it.

I hope this is not the part of the roof that leaks!

The traditional roof material lasts for about 5 years before needing replaced, so many people prefer to use corrugated iron as it lasts 20 years. But we found that under corrugated iron roofs, it got extremely hot compared to the traditional roof. We even saw some houses with metal walls as well as roofs, so we can’t imagine how hot it would be in there!

People in PNG are eager to try new technology, such as the metal roofs and mobile phones, which are everywhere, even if at times, reception and recharging options are limited.

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