Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Jesus film

/-/ Village Flashback /-/ During our last week in the village, we showed the Jesus film to the community. All the POC students showed it in their villages and we were one of the last groups to receive the equipment.

People were invited from nearby villages to come to our viewing of the Jesus film. Our community leaders decided that we should have a programme for the night, starting with a worship service before the film.

Our night began with prayer and then Sara and I and the young people from our village sang some worship items which we had been practicing earlier. An elder said a prayer in the local language, which was really encouraging, as in church we only heard Tok Pisin.

They had also asked Sara and I to share a message. This was the most challenging thing, as we had to do it in Tok Pisin too!! We both prepared a message each and we wrote them out. I didn’t feel confident enough in Tok Pisin to adlib from basic notes. I thought about the Jesus film and how the people would be shocked and saddened to see Jesus die, so the point of my message was that although we are sad that Jesus died, we can be happy because he rose again and he gives us forgiveness of sins.

As we were hosting all the guests, it was culturally appropriate (or as they say, social “law”) to give the people some betelnut and green drinking coconuts. Our village collected and prepared them and Sara and I handed them out to everyone before the film started.

After all this programme we started the film. Everyone sat and watched it attentively. We probably had about 300 people come to watch it, so it was a good turnout. Many people were able to see and hear the Gospel story for themselves. Who knows what the fruit of that will be?

Some photos:
Standing around watching the others set up:

They were so clever putting the poles in the ground and working out a way to attach the screen, which was a white bed sheet.

Photo opportunity with ready made backdrop!

Me giving my message, no microphone, so I had to speak loud. The old man sitting near me is the man who said the prayer in the local language.

Waiting for the film to start:
Watching the introduction to the film. People were able to sit on either side of the screen and watch the film, which was good.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mogom, that was really special showing us the way in which you are able to utilise modern aids to bring the message to the villagers. Having an audience of 300 is really something! Well done.

Bev and John

Walter parker said...

Hi Julie. The Jesus film usully goes down well dosen't it? I remember going with a group from an Indian Church out to a Zulu squatter camp in South Africa one Saturday night and had a crowd of over 500 attend.
It is an awesome xperience, isn't it?. Have a great week there.
Walter& Martha