Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hook fishing

Twice I went fishing with a rod and hook when I was in the village. I used a small rod with a short fishing wire and a hook attached. For bait I put little pieces of shrimp onto the hook, but first I had to remove the tail and skin. My hands got all covered in yucky stuff!!

The river goes into the sea and I could fish either in the river or in the sea, but I preferred the river. To fish, I just stood at the shore and waved the rod around to throw the bait into the water and then waited for a fish to bite.

Sometimes I would get a bite and the bait would be gone, but a fish didn’t come when I pulled the hook out of the water. Other times I didn’t feel anything and the bait disappeared. Occasionally I would catch a little fish! On each of the times I went fishing, I caught two fish. The people were so happy about that and said to me, “You win!”

Here are some kids doing the sort of fishing I did:

The fish I caught:

Me with my dead fish:

Yes, they are ridiculously small and certainly nothing to brag about, but that is the kind of fish they are expecting to catch and they cook them and eat them.

I’m not experienced with cooking fish, so I gave my fish to our foster mum to cook for me. Here is the meal that she brought me with one of my fish on top.

I think the villagers eat them bones and all, but that’s not for me. I just ate the little bit of meat in the middle of the fish and gave the rest to our resident cat!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - although your fish were small at least you actually did catch something. This is another experience for you to add to your collection and for someone who has only been in PNG for a short time you certainly are living the life! Look after yourself and keep up with your blog - its great.
Bev and John

robyn said...

hi Julie, the little fish looked so cute, how could you eat them !!
luv your blog. keep up the good work.

walter said...

I have bigger, much bigger fish than that in my fish tank!