Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bush dancing

On Saturday night there was an Australian Bush Dance on and I went to it. I enjoy dancing and had lots of fun. I danced nearly every dance and this was 2 days after I started malaria treatment. The tablets work well! I was sick with malaria mid-week, and up and dancing on the weekend! I feel so well now that it's hard to believe that I even had malaria last week. I know I didn't imagine it though, because I had a positive blood test.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so bad

Last night after I wrote I went to bed. I felt hot and still had a temperature, but it didn't get too bad. This cycle wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I don't think I'll have another cycle now that I've started the treatment, but I might be feeling a bit weak and tired for a few days.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rather cold

I have been having chills for the past 2.5 hours and I think they only just stopped, but they hadn't when I started writing this. I have also had aches and still have them, but I think the chills may have just finished. My temperature has been around 38 tonight, so it's not too bad.

Still okay

Just a little update to say that I am still feeling okay. I am feeling a bit weak and tired though, that's all. Maybe the treatment has stopped the cycles already, or maybe I go through another cycle in a few hours. Just have to wait and see.

Positive blood test

I went to the clinic this morning and got a blood test done, and they rang me a little bit later with the result. It was positive!! Yay! Yes, it is good to have a positive blood test because I knew I had malaria and I just needed the doctors to agree with me, so that I could start the treatment.

The test was taken when I was not experiencing symptoms so malaria is less likely to show up, but it did thankfully. The doctor said that I had a lot of malaria in my blood. If there was a lot there when I was feeling good, then I imagine that there would be more when I am in a cycle.

I have taken the first treatment dose, but I am expecting another cycle tonight, and a pretty nasty one at that. What I had last night was not nice and I think tonight will be worse. If I have a lot of malaria, I think the first dose is not going to stop the malaria tonight.

I am loving being between cycles just now and feeling fine. That's great. It's nice to get a break from being sick. I think in that way malaria is better than the flu. You just have to wait for the flu to get better, but malaria gives you a break AND you can take medicine to get better.

Between cycles

If it is malaria, and I'm still pretty sure it is, I am in between cycles just now. I feel as good as normal. I'm going out in a minute to the seminar and after that I will go to the clinic for the blood test. Really hope it comes back positive so that I can start treatment.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Possible malaria

I am pretty sure that I have malaria again. Having had it once, I know what it feels like now, so I am confident that I have it. As I type I am not feeling too good. I have pain throughout my body. It is not agony though, just very uncomfortable.

I plan to go to the clinic tomorrow and get a blood test done for it. Then it can be treated and hopefully I will be feeling great in no time. I need to get better quickly because I am going to the village in two weeks.

Just took my temperature and it is 38.2, so just a mild fever, although my normal body temperature is around 36.0, lower than the average 37.0, so I am up by 2.2 degrees. (First attempt at taking my temp, I had the wrong end of the thermometer in my mouth! Crazy!)

Anyway, don't worry, I will just go through the routine. I hope that the blood test shows positive for malaria so that I can start the treatment. Sometimes it doesn't always get picked up on the first blood test. I also hope that after I go through this cycle, I won't have another cycle tomorrow, as it will probably be worse and this one wasn't that great.

I hope that I feel good when I wake up tomorrow because I want to go to a seminar that is on tomorrow about language stuff.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dinner on the beach

Well, although some people went back to the main island to get some food and pots, etc, our plates came from the bush!

Here are some pictures of our evening picnic on the island we visited for the day:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter holiday

How does a holiday on a tropical island where you don't have to cook or wash dishes sound? Sounds great, but expensive! Well, that is what I just had, for a grand total of $45! And $32 of that was my transport there and back!

A group of 11 of us from Ukarumpa went down to Madang for the weekend then onto a motor dinghy which took us to an island, Riwo Island. One of our PNG friends has relatives in the village there, so that helped. We stayed in a Western style house and the people cooked for us. I shared a double mattress and single mosquito net with another girl.

We had a self-flushing toilet! It was a little hut built over the sea, so the sea washed everything away. The hole was HUGE though! If I slipped I could have fit down and landed on the rocks below, it was rather scary!

Yesterday we visited another island for the day and ate our dinner there. It was after dark when we decided to leave. We headed off on two canoes, about 8 or 9 people on each canoe. The canoe I was on didn't steady after everyone got on and it rocked from side to side taking on water each time until we capsized and ended up in the water! We weren't very far from the shore as we had only just left, so we swam back to shore. The canoes were overloaded and that's why we capsized and the other one nearly did - they saw us and then jumped out of their canoe before it completely went over.

My camera was okay because I had it in an airtight bag thankfully. At about the time we capsized, the motor dingy came along, so we spread out among the three boats to go back. We lost a pot, two knives and a serving spoon to the water, but this morning some people went out there and they recovered the pot, spoon and one knife, so that was good.

Here are some pictures of my weekend. I might add more later when I get some photos off my friends' cameras.

My bed with canopy:

The house we stayed in:

Our dinner:

Tropical island paradise:


This is the canoe that we overloaded with about 8 people and capsized:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Branch Conference

Well, it has been a while since I updated my blog here! I guess it is partly because I haven't been doing anything very exciting, and also because I have been busy with going to Conference every day. Today was the last day of Conference, so now I am catching up on things.

During Conference we had a lot of discussion at tables about strategic plans. One that we spent a lot of time on was Language Strategy. It had several sub-topics, such as scripture use, training and language documentation. We also talked about leadership and caring for members in other sessions.

I had a 'job' to do to help out at Conference. I was involved with the Powerpoint presentations. Sometimes I was rostered on for 'Preparation' and sometimes for 'Projection'. When I was on Preparation, I sat at a computer and people brought their Powerpoint presentations to me. I checked that they worked and that everything would be seen easily, then I put them in a folder and numbered them in the order that they would be presented. When I was doing Projection, on a different computer, I opened the files from that folder and put them up on the screen. The speaker usually had a remote to change the slides themselves, so I could sit back and watch or fix any glitches.

This is me sitting at the computer doing preparation of Powerpoint slideshows: