Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Port Moresby adventures – Botanical Gardens

On our way to Buka we had to stay at Port Moresby for two nights, so we had a whole day to kill there and we decided to go and see a bit of the place, since there was three of us single ladies and we’d all only been in Moresby by ourselves previously and it’s not wise for single women to go round Moresby alone. We started by taking a PMV to the botanical gardens. It was a bit of a scary ride for me as the sliding door of the bus was open the whole trip and I was sitting opposite it. I was worried that if we turned too sharply, I would fall out the door!

Picture that I took from the bus:

The botanical garden was PNG style, not really classy, as evidenced by the dirt and leaves on the top of the shadecloth in the picture below.

However there were lots of nice plants and flowers, especially orchids. We were shown around by one of the security staff there, and we were even taken through to sections that said ‘No entry – staff only’. There were also animals in enclosures there too, including the bird of paradise, which is often hard to see in the wild. Some of the other animals/birds we saw were: cuscus, crocodile, cassowary, wallaby, hornbill, tree kangaroo

Here are two pictures of orchids and one of a tree kangaroo.

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