Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Haus kuks

A “haus kuk” is literally a house where you cook, or to put it more simply, a kitchen.

We each had to build ourselves a “haus kuk”. I worked with the other single girls to build one. The local men demonstrated how to build one and then we were let loose with our axes and machetes! We were given a bundle of wood and bamboo and we cut some wood to size and some was already the right size.

We built a table like a picnic table and we also made a bench for food preparation and for washing dishes.

We are going to be preparing all our weekend meals in our “haus kuks”, starting this weekend. It will help prepare us for our five weeks living in a village.

We will probably actually cook our food outside of our “haus kuks” so that they don’t get all smoky as we will be cooking over a fire. We will also have a kerosene stove to use.

We won’t have any refrigeration or modern appliances, so it will probably be pretty tricky to cook things that would normally be easy to cook.

The three of us standing in the “haus kuk” that we built:
Inside our “haus kuk”:

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robyn said...

hi, your "haus kuk" looked very good, make sure you give us a full report on what your cooking tastes like.