Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Last year I was in the village for Christmas last year and went to church at a village down the road.

After the service there was some gift giving among the members of that congregation. You can see the palm tree has been decorated with balloons and streamers (click on the photo to see it bigger).

We had a meal after the service too, and following the meal, some church members got up and sang some songs and had a great time doing it too.

This year I am in Australia for Christmas and it is good to be with my family, but I would also enjoy Christmas in the village again too. Our village went out singing carols on a few nights and I’m sad that I couldn't be a part of that, but I will enjoy my Christmas here in Australia.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Village Christmas decorations

I think our house was the only house in the village with decorations last Christmas, and again also this December. I’m not big into decorating and if I hadn’t been given the decorations that I have, our house probably wouldn’t have been decorated either.

My decorations are limited to just a small lightweight Christmas tree with lights that I got at a ‘white elephant’ Christmas party in Ukarumpa a few years ago, and two foil things that you hang up which a lady in Australia sent to me one Christmas.

One of the foil things broke in two, so now instead of having two foil things, I have three. Here was last year’s ‘house cook’ decorations. Can you spot all three foil things (seriously, what is the proper name for them?) and the Christmas tree on the table?

As the evening drew darker, our little house cook was aglow with the Christmas tree lights…

And here’s a closer up photo of the tree:

The tree on the table with people around it:

A couple of times this year I put Christmas tree inside the house on the windowsill and I thought it looked quite effective. Reminded me of seeing people’s Christmas trees at their front window in Australia.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Garden work with Mum and Dad

When Mum and Dad were visiting me, we took them to the garden in the bush and they did a bit of weeding. Here are some photos that Dad took (thus he is not in any of them!).

Mum with some of her weeds:

Ready to go back to the village – I have the backpack of garden produce:

Walking along the road on the way back:

Arrived back in the village and I am forcing a smile while thinking, “Hurry up and take the photo so that I can take this backpack off!”

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Garden at Kovanis with Emily

When Emily was visiting me, we went to another village called Kovanis, and we went and had a look around a garden there. Here are some of the photos we took there.

The two of us in the garden:

The plants in the foreground are peanuts:

These are tobacco plants:

A watermelon growing:

Instant food – pick a watermelon from the garden and eat it:

Cocoa beans – this is where your chocolate comes from!

Some freshly picked aibika being put onto some leaves for taking back to the village: