Friday, June 11, 2010

Village – Travel between villages (post by Bill & Liz)

We visited several villages in the local area and to reach these villages, we could either use the ‘made’ roads or bush tracks. We preferred the bush tracks because there was more shade.

While walking along a track like this, we encountered a wild pig. The dog that was with us alerted us to the fact that there was something ahead, and Julie’s wasmama knew it was a wild pig. There were other dogs chasing the pig and the pig burst out of the bushes across the track, quickly followed by 3 men with spears. We saw a man throw a spear as the pig disappeared into the jungle again. The pig was hit by the spear, but escaped with the hunters in close pursuit.

Here is another track, which was close to a river.

This is a man made road with 3 ladies walking up it wearing bilums in the traditional manner.

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