Monday, June 28, 2010

I have my blog back again!

I have been off travelling again! I returned to Ukarumpa on 26th May after Mum and Dad’s visit, then I left again two weeks later on 10th June to go to Buka (part of the Bougainville region) to help on a survey trip. I scheduled this blog post to go up today before I left Ukarumpa, as my internet access is limited on this trip.

Anyway, I am travelling around the western part of Buka island, and visiting some small islands off Buka to the west. I am with two other single ladies who are permanent members of the survey team (as opposed to me who is just a part of the team for this trip). We are visiting two language groups and asking questions and taking lists of words in order to determine what their translation needs are, and to find out how well people are able to understand neighbouring languages and dialects.

I will be back in Ukarumpa on 2nd July if things go to plan. I will put up some blog posts about this trip then, so keep looking!

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