Monday, September 6, 2010

Preparing to leave

Well, it’s only 3 more sleeps till I leave for Buka! I’ve packed up everything that I want to ship to Buka, and today I’m going to pack some of the things I’m leaving in Ukarumpa, and the things I am going to take to Buka with me in my luggage.

I’m also getting rid of some things. I’m sure it’s impossible to time your food purchases so that your cupboard is bare on the day that you leave, so I have some food that I have to give away. Tonight I am having the other singles over to my house and I will ‘auction’ off my leftover food and some other things I don’t need. The way it works, is I hold up each item, and if it’s a popular thing, people’s hands shoot up to claim it. If it’s something no-one really wants, it is given to the first person who says something about it. We call it an ‘auction’, but everything is given away for free.

Here’s a photo of some of the food I am giving away. I know that it looks like a lot, but I’ve done my best to whittle it down, and I did sell a few unopened items. I have benefited a lot from other people’s auctions though too, especially by getting lots of sunscreen that I am shipping to Buka. Sunscreen is so expensive here, so it has been very exciting to get it for free – great value! I have enough to last me for ages now.

Yesterday in the church service we had a commissioning for Rebekah and I now that we are going to work with the Teop language. We shared a bit about the history of language work in Teop, and how we decided to work there. We showed a Powerpoint slideshow with nice pictures of people and the area. I wish I could show it to you, but it is 6MB – a bit hard to send! After the slideshow, one of the directors invited people to come up the front and surround us, while he prayed for us to send us off.


Walter parker said...

every blessing Julie.

Walter parker said...

Every blessing Julie. To you and Rebekah.