Friday, June 25, 2010

Madang town (post by Bill & Liz)

Madang is a large town on the north coast of PNG that in some articles is described as the prettiest town in the South Pacific. Well, the location is certainly picturesque enough but the urban area is not really pretty.

There are quality schools.

There are many small stores that sell small amounts of all sorts of goods.

There are larger shops as well, the pink coloured building was the Papindo store which had a supermarket on the ground floor with a clothing and general merchandise area on the first floor. This store is air-conditioned. The closer building, ‘Beckslea Plaza’, had a chemist and several shops that sold clothing, sporting gear, CD’s and electric goods. A large proportion of local people use the second hand stores to purchase clothing.

This is the street where most of the banks were located; the security guards prevent people loitering in front of the banks.

And the Post Office was just around the corner.

This is the view from one of the restaurants that overlooks the main shipping channel into Madang harbour – large ships and local water PMV’s (water taxis) could be seen while eating your meal.

There is a Coastwatchers memorial overlooking the sea in Madang. This memorial honours the men and women who observed Japanese military movements from behind enemy lines during WWII and reported this intelligence to the Allied forces.

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