Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Making a new floor (hauling sand)

While Emily was visiting me, the village was busy preparing to host a workshop, and needed to make a floor for the shelter where the workshop was going to occur. Grass isn’t’ sufficient flooring, but sand is, so we got involved with the community in carrying bags of sand from the beach to the shelter.

First we needed to fill the bags with sand, so here’s me at the beach, scooping sand with a coconut shell into a 10kg rice bag:

Others used hoes and filled other types of bags:

Next I lifted the bag up onto my shoulders…

…and took it over to the shelter.

Then I turned the bag over and dumped the sand over the grass:

It took a lot of trips by lots of people to get the whole floor covered. Here’s Emily getting involved:

Finally, the week of the workshop came, and here are the participants under the shelter, enjoying the new floor and listening hard to the teaching:


Auki G. T. said...

Gread Job. Keep Move.

Anonymous said...

Gosh and I thought carting 200 tonne of sand in a 6 tonne truck was slow and hard work. We take way too many things for granted in this lucky country. (Australia)