Sunday, June 27, 2010

Travelling home (post by Bill & Liz)

Our time with Julie in PNG has come to an end. We said goodbye to Julie at The SIL centre and went to Madang airport to wait for our flight to Port Moresby. But PNG hadn’t finished with us yet.

Madang airport terminal building.

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 11.30, but was delayed, delayed and delayed till nearly 17.00, due to aircraft being unserviceable.

Madang airport is not the most comfortable place to wait 7 hours in, no air conditioning, and hard wooden seats. We did get to see Julie’s small plane take off from another part of the airport at 15.30 returning her to Ukarumpa.

Inside Madang airport.

Well we finally got away from Madang just before 17.00, but our onward flight to Cairns left at 17.00 so we were definitely going to miss it. Air Niugini did arrange accommodation for us at Loloata island Resort, which was a 20 minute bus drive, then a 10 minute ferry trip away from Port Moresby.

Loloata Island Resort

The next morning we left Port Moresby on the 09.30 flight to Cairns, but PNG kept calling us back. Half way to Cairns the pilot announced, ‘We have an engine malfunction indicator and are returning to Port Moresby’. After a 3 hour wait in Port Moresby, we were on our way again in the same plane, hopefully fixed.

The troublesome plane.

We made it to Cairns safely and stayed at the Tree Tops Lodge, which is in a lovely location. We went into Cairns and wandered around Cairns city centre and visited the Night Market which is very touristy.

Tree Tops Lodge

Port Moresby was very hot and humid, but Cairns at this time of year was a lovely 30 degrees when we left to return to a very chilly 12 degrees in Melbourne.

Well that’s Bill and Liz’s incredible adventure to visit Julie in PNG over, so I hope that anybody that read this blog enjoyed it.

BYE for now.

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