Sunday, August 24, 2008

What a way to start!

I started my journey to PNG with a visit to Cooktown and as soon as I got off the plane at Cairns, I started sneezing and developed a cold! It was not much fun!

I had a good time with my friends in Cooktown and I bottle-fed on of their baby goats. My friends have very basic accommodation and I was sleeping on a mattress in the back of their ute.

By the time I left Australia, my cold had got much better. I just have a tickle in my throat now which makes me cough.

I am in Madang now where I will be for the next three months. I am sharing my room with another girl. The orientation course starts on Wednesday, so I have a couple of days to enjoy before all the work starts!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

18 days to go!!

Wow, well it's only 18 days till I leave Melbourne!! It has come up really quick and I feel that there is still a lot to do before I leave!

Some of the things I still need to do include:
  • Arrange insurance (travel and medical)
  • Finalise signatures on my will and powers of attorney
  • Book 1 night accomodation in Cairns and Madang
  • Book a hire car to drive up to Cooktown
  • Sort out how to send cargo to PNG
  • Buy the following: air mattress, snorkel and goggles, lapel microphone, swimming shoes, and air/watertight cases
  • Fill out some paperwork
  • Print photos
  • Pack my backpack
  • Get my backpack fitted properly

My last shift at work is on 8th August, so hopefully after that I will have more time to do these things.