Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aussie tourists

The Aussie surf tour blokes had an afternoon free and wanted to see a bit of culture, so the local people put on a cultural dance with music. They had been preparing for an upcoming event, so it was handy that they already had something prepared up their sleeve.

It was happening at the next village along the beach from us, so a bunch of us walked over to watch too. It was just the weirdest thing having all these tourists here! It was quite the novelty to me, so I took photos of the tourists…

I also took photos and videos of the dances too, like a local tourist.

And here they are on their little boat heading back to the big boat. I love this photo – click on it to see it bigger – it just has so much in it, especially the traditional (canoes) and the modern (small boat and fancy big boat in the distance), with the ocean and Teop island as the backdrop.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boat in harbour and Australia Day

It was a surprise one afternoon to come back to the village after a trip to the bush, and find a nice, white shiny boat in the harbour! It’s not often that there’s a boat anchored there.

It was a charter for surfer tourists. They stayed for a few days, travelled south and anchored again for a couple of nights on their way back north. I met the guys and the boat captain invited me over for dinner with them all on Australia Day. It was so amazing – who would have imagined that I would have an Australia Day BBQ with a bunch of Aussie blokes (and one woman, the captain’s wife) while out in the village! It was a great meal too – not your sausage and hamburger BBQ, rather steaks, fish and lobster tails!! Wasn’t the timing great!

It also looked really pretty at night with the boat lights reflecting on the sea. It’s hard to get a good photo at night, but I thought this one wasn’t too bad (taken from the beach).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tiny island

Just behind Teop Island, there is a very small, uninhabited island. There’s not much there other than some trees and the rocky, coral ground.

The rough coral ground:

When the tide is low, it is possible to walk/wade there from Teop Island. Here are a series of photos showing the little island as we progressively got closer to it:

Finally, as we arrived at the island, we could look back and see Teop Island with the larger Bougainville island and mountains in the background. Nice view.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Travel to and from the village

Whenever I travel to or from the village, I get a ride on a truck or 4WD. Some 4WDs are utes with roll bars and canopies and some have no roll bars or canopies, and I feel less safe in them, but I don’t think the roll bar frames are going to do much to protect me if the car rolls anyway, as we don’t have seatbelts to hold us down! Other 4WDs are fully enclosed and have two sideways bench seats behind the driver. We call them a ’10 seater’. They are the most comfortable ride to the village.

The 4WDs all go quite fast, but we also have some bigger trucks, which are probably safer as they travel more slowly. There is one truck that we especially like travelling on as we trust the driver to be careful. This truck only travels to the Teop area and doesn’t go further south. It has the name ‘Green Fingers’ painted on the front, so that’s what we all refer to it as, or just ‘Green’ for short.

Here are a few photos of Green Fingers.

The view when sitting on the back of the truck:

We were lucky this day, there wasn’t many people travelling, so you can see quite a lot of empty space. Other times the truck is full and we’re all packed in really tight!