Monday, January 28, 2013

Watermelon season!

It seems that now is the time for watermelons, and there are two watermelon patches growing in our village.

We decided to put a fence half-way around one watermelon patch as there was a bit of a thoroughfare there and the impact of peoples’ steps might disturb the sensitive new fruit and make them fall off prematurely. I got in the mood for working on the fence, and the resulting, very basic fence is shown in the two photos below.

Here is a watermelon that has started to get big.

Simone and Jill giving you some perspective of the size of this baby watermelon.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Some of the interesting bugs I have come across lately…

Multi-coloured grasshopper:

And now for the spiders…

The same spider as in the above photo, but as a silhouette with the pink sunset sky in the background:

Cross-shape spider. You might need to click on the photo to see it bigger and more clearly.

Nasty looking spider. This spider fell from the curtains when I was opening them in the village. Although the spiders may look nasty and scary, apparently there aren’t any spiders in our area that can bite you, so really there’s nothing to be scared of, but that doesn’t stop me from being afraid anyway!

Monday, January 14, 2013

View from Buka

Sorry it’s been so long between blog posts! I’ve been in the village a lot and not had much time to write any. Hopefully they will be a bit more regular from now on.

Well, when I got back to Bougainville, I enjoyed the nice views from the Centre at Buka where we stay when we’re not in the village. This kind of view really does match the slow pace of life – you step out of the flat and just stand and gaze for a few minutes appreciating the beauty of God’s creation.

Daytime view:

The sun sets on the other side of the island, but we get some nice pink hues in the sky over the sea sometimes.

Moon above the sea with pink sunset clouds:

Moonrise with reflection over the sea: