Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Free food

Many Papua New Guineans are proud of the fact that they don’t have to ‘waste’ money on buying food – they can get it for free from their gardens. I wonder how many Australians would consider buying food as a waste of money. We would maybe consider extravagance, such as travelling first class on an aeroplane, as a waste of money, but buying food? It’s an interesting difference in cultural perspective.

Today I got free food from the garden at the house I am staying in – a lot of cherry tomatoes! I’m quite happy to adopt the free food concept – why waste your money buying it, when it’s right there in your garden? It’s a pity that’s all I have, I can’t live off just cherry tomatoes, so I guess I’ll have to ‘waste’ more money and buy food.

Here are the tomatoes I picked today:

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Anonymous said...

What a crop - well done Farmer Mogom or are you reaping the benefits from an earlier planting? Our vegie crop is rather pathetic this year - silverbeet and cherry tomatoes appear to be the only produce we are going to harvest.

Keep well - love Bev and John