Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ada nambek visited us!

We had a visit from Ada nambek yesterday! He is one of our ‘relatives’ from village living. I was so excited about it and it really made my day! It was great to see him and hear his news. One of our relatives had her baby and it was a girl. That was good to hear as we knew she was expecting. Ada nambek rang my mobile (using his mobile - they don’t have much, but they have mobile phones!) and arranged to meet me. He was in the area dropping his son off at Aiyura National High School to study Year 11.

I showed Ada nambek some new photos that I had, plus pictures on my calendars. It was good being able to speak the few words I know of his language with him. I really loved doing that and it was amazing how the words just came back to me. I think he was happy that I still remembered the language too.

He called me Mogom when talking to me or referring to me. It was so good to hear my village name again. I really miss that. It is special.

It was really wonderful to have him visit. I can’t even express how good it was. I was thrilled and I was buzzing afterwards.

A photo of me with Ada nambek at Sara’s house:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mogom - what a lovely surprise for you to have a visit from Ada nambek - you certainly must have made a good impression during your stay in the village. And what a delightful photo - you do look so happy and relaxed. Take care -

Love from Bev and John