Saturday, February 28, 2009

Village house

/-/ Village Flashback /-/ It’s been a while since I did a village flashback, but there’s still some village living experiences that I haven’t shared yet. So, in keeping with the house theme, I thought I’d tell you about our house in the village and show you some pictures.

We had a nice BIG house in the village. There was four inside rooms, plus a big verandah and a small verandah. Sara and I shared one room as a bedroom and our village sisters shared another room for their bedroom. The third room was our kitchen. It had a table in it which was good for food preparation. The last room was supposedly a change room for after we bathed, but it was not really very private, so we changed in our bedroom.

I’ll tell the rest of the story in pictures now.

The house:

From another angle:

Our kitchen:

Some of our food storage in the kitchen:

Our inside fire which we didn’t actually use very often:

Our clean, boiled drinking water – looks great, doesn’t it?

Our bedroom. My bed is the one with the mosquito net over it.

The big verandah:

The small verandah – we used this one more often as the roof leaked over the big verandah and the floor got wet.

The view from our house – buai (betelnut) trees!

Our classy toilet. It was great – newly built just for us and no-one else to use, until after we left. It was just behind the buai trees, on a main path, but it was built so well that it was very private.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mogom, Thanks for the p;ics of our village stay - we can see now why you enjoyed it so much. The surrounds of the village look so clean and well cared for and the grass is green - pre this summer we too had green grass surrounds!!! And as for the private loo - well. Keep up the pics and commentary it helps us to imagine where you have been or currently are at (if that makes sense!) Love Bev and John