Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kamano Grammar Sketch

17 NOV 2009 UPDATE: The Kamano Grammar Sketch is now online! Click the following link to get there. http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/pubs/51803/Kamano_Grammar.pdf

Last week I was working on preparing the Kamano Grammar Sketch for web publication. It is a paper that describes the grammar of the Kamano language. It was type-written in 1970, so they only had a paper copy until recently when someone else typed it into the computer. My job has been to go through the electronic document editing the typing errors and other things that did not meet the standard forms for linguistic papers. Much of it involved adding or deleting punctuation marks; inserting arrows; correcting all the cross-references; and putting some words in italics and other words in capitals. It was a long and tedious job, but I didn’t mind it.

The old, tatty original grammar sketch:


Anonymous said...

Julie, your "tatty grammar sketch" brought back memories of my typing a translation for a missionary working with APCM back in 1979/80. I didn't have a clue as to what I was typing, however it was acceptable to those who then had to proof-read it and correct. An amazing work!!!
Love Bev and John.

Anonymous said...


I was searching material about kamano kafe and I ran into your blog. I would be really interested about that Kamano Grammar Sketch! Can you tell me if its published on the net yet and where could I download it? I would be gratefull for any information. Please email me to this address: mi_eipi@hotmail.com