Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moved house

I have moved house again. I am sharing with a single woman from Argentina. This is the fourth house I have lived in at Ukarumpa already! I will be able to stay in this house until some time in June. There is a microwave and an electric kettle at this house! The house I was just in didn't have either, so I'm happy to have them again as I like using them a lot.

Here’s a picture of the house:

And this is the view from one of our windows:


bernie and tanya said...

Sounds like and looks like a better and more comfortable place for you there now Julie. Praise God!
Thanks for your comment on our blog, we have been praying for you in regard to that matter that you and Tanya and I were talking about in the Christian bookshop when you were in Cairns. God bless you and He has mighty plans for your life.
Bernie and Tanya.

Anonymous said...

You certainly are having experiences in relocating - by now you should be able to pack up and go in minutes!! The house looks very nice and how lovely to look out of the window and see that view - wow, you will be spending too much time in that room!!!! We are very jealous of your green grass - currently we are looking out at a dust bowl. Keep well and keep up sending info re your blog - it is much appreciated. Love Bev and John