Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh, mango!!

“Oh, mango!” was a frequent sigh in the village. There were several mango trees in the village and the mangoes were ripe and fell down randomly. Often children would run and get the mango that they heard fall down. One time when I was washing my clothes one fell and hit me on the back! It hurt for a few minutes and I later ate the mango that hit me!

One time we had an outdoor church gathering under mango trees in the neighbouring village, and it was quite amusing to watch the local grown men duck and cover their heads when they heard a mango break off a tree above them.

It was nice having mangoes to eat whenever I wanted to though. Usually I share a third of a mango with my parents in Australia, but in the village I could eat a whole mango all to myself, and I could even eat two a day if I wanted to.

Here are some pictures of the ground covered in mangoes at the neighbouring village.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mogom,
No thank you to the mangoes - not one of my favourite fruits, nevertheless no doubt it was great for you to have a steady supply of fresh fruit - enjoy. Just imagine the market you could have supplied if only you were in reach of all the facilities. Keep those photos and comments coming - they are really great. Love Bev and John