Monday, December 29, 2008

Links to photos

I just thought I'd point out to you, if you haven't already noticed, that in the column on the right there are links to photos. You can click on them and look at more photos that I haven't put up on my blog (and perhaps a few that are on the blog too). I recommend looking at the 'Bunabun People' photos.


Robyn said...

Julie it sounded like you had a good Christmas, with lots of new friends. The slide show was so good, I'm getting more of an idea of your "new family" and friends. The Bunabun People are just so so cute and all look very happy to have you around. Keep the blogs coming!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

What a beautiful picture of yourself and the tropical background. Tourism PNG could use it as an advertisement!!
Have a wonderful New Year and may the Lord give you your heart's desire as you faithfully serve Him in PNG.
Love from Bev and John