Monday, December 22, 2008

I am a nomad

I have moved house already at Ukarumpa! That is the 5th time I have moved in 5 months! I think that makes me a nomad!

On Friday I moved to the managers’ flat at the Guest House. The Guest House is closed for a month, so there are no guests, and there is also no manager here either. I am just living here to make the place look occupied and thus prevent break-ins.

I am in the Guest House by myself until the 19th of January, when I will move out. I hope to be able to share with someone to keep my expenses down.

The best thing about being in the managers’ flat at the Guest House is having a microwave! I didn’t have a microwave in the previous place and I like to cook a lot of meals at once and then reheat them over the next few days so that I don’t have to cook. Before I had to heat them in the oven, but now that I have a microwave, it is much better!


Anonymous said...

Hello to the Nomad - (at least you are not known as a Grey Nomad) The saying is "variety is the spice of life" and you certainly are experiencing varity in your short time in PNG. Watch out, you might all of a sudden get an influx of international visitors to stay at the guest house!!!!!
Love from Bev and John.

Purple Julie said...

Bev and John, if you or anyone I know wants to come and visit me, you would be most welcome anytime.