Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Village dogs

I had a great time befriending the village dogs and puppies when I was in the village.

Our family had a female dog called ‘Banu’ who had four small puppies. Banu grew to love me – whenever I came down the stairs of the house she would come to me with her tail wagging. One day when I went back and forth to the market several times, Banu came with me wherever I went.

Here is a picture of Banu looking lovingly at me.

Me with Banu. Note the paw on me, she is asking for more pats!

Another dog in the village had two puppies born while we were there. The owners asked me to name the puppies, so I called one ‘Jyra’ and the other one ‘Dolly’.

This is me with Dolly on the left and Jyra on the right.

When we were making the sago someone had brought some puppies along too and I was happy to see and cuddle them. Here is a photo of me with two of them.

It's a hard life being a village dog or puppy. Isn't this just the saddest picture? This is one of Banu's puppies.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, To have you pat and pet Banu would have been a completely new experience for her. We know what you mean about the life of a village dog in PNG. Whilst in Moresby a mangy looking dog adopted our house and naturally we fed him and cared for him and by the time we left he was looking a lot healthier. In return he was a very faithful guard dog for us.
Bev and John.