Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and Boxing Day

On Christmas day in the morning I went to someone’s house for breakfast, followed by a break for church and then we returned to the house. There was a group of eight of us. We each had a stocking to open, plus a couple of presents, which was really nice.

At lunchtime I spoke to my family in Australia via the internet. I have now got Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger set up, so we can make phone calls over the internet and even see each other through our webcams.

In the afternoon, I went to another person’s house for a meal. It was a small group of four people. Between eating the main course and dessert we played a detective board game which was fun.

On Boxing Day, a bunch of singles came to the Guest House (ie my place) for a ‘pot luck’ lunch. Twelve people were there altogether. I was full up after eating the main courses, then I still had dessert to squeeze in! But I managed of course!

We played a game as a big group afterwards and someone offered to help me with the dishes, which was much appreciated. I had a good day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, so glad you had plenty of company for Christmas Day and Boxing Day - see I did warn you about guests coming to the Guest House!!!! We too have the webcam and are on Skype which allows us to see and speak with our overseas relatives. Hope the rest of the holiday break is enjoyable for you. Love from Bev and John

Robyn said...

Hey Julie!
Glad you had a good Christmas:)
I haven't been able to view your blog for a while. Hope you're enjoying living on your own at the moment.
Sounds/looks like you're having a good time. You've always been adaptable ;) It's so good to see you fulfilling your calling.
Enjoy the rest of this year and step into the new year with boldness:)
Luv ya heaps!

Anonymous said...

So you are staying at the Guest House. I wonder if it is still the same managers as when we were there. I dont know there names as we stayed at the Mathiesons but the Rickards won't forget them.
Glad to hear you had lots of company Christmas Day and that you are able to get skype. When we talked to the Mathiesons about Skype they didn't think they were allowed to use it there, but its great you are able to.
God Bless