Monday, January 4, 2010


We have had a couple of moderate size earthquakes recently. On Christmas Eve there was a 5.4 earthquake and yesterday we had a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. I know they sound big and scary, but really they are pretty gentle. I haven't felt a huge earthquake here. I just sit and enjoy them, they're nothing to worry about.

How can I describe what the earthquake feels like? It reminds me a bit of sitting in a rollercoaster trolley chugging along a straight flat section near the start or end of the ride. It is just a light shaking or rocking feeling.

These earthquakes haven't been strong enough to send things falling off shelves or anything like that. We get earthquakes fairly frequently here. The smaller ones (under 5 magnitude) are not usually recorded on the website where I find out the details.

It is funny when you go to a village after being in Ukarumpa for a while – for the first few nights lying in bed you think you're feeling an earthquake, but then you realise that it is just the house moving as someone rolled over in bed!

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