Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm in Alotau again!

I'm back in Alotau to help with the translation workshop again. I'm enjoying being in the warmer climate and also not having any hayfever. Although I like the heat, it really takes a lot out of you, especially at first when you are acclimatising and I have been finding the need for a short afternoon nap. Soon I will have adjusted and probably won't need a nap.

We arrived in Alotau on Monday and this week we have been preparing for the workshop. I had the job of preparing name tags and another job was collating a booklet with all the handouts of translation information in it for all the participants.

We are going to Hagita tomorrow, where the workshop is run, and I will be in charge of getting keys for the rooms to people, organising our store room and handing out name tags mattresses, welcome packs and mosquito nets. Tomorrow I'll be getting those things ready, but the participants don't arrive until Sunday morning, so I'll be handing them out when they arrive, except of course the staff will be getting their keys on Saturday!

The language group that I will be helping for this translation workshop is called Anuki.

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