Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A mile in my shoes...

If you were to literally walk a mile in my shoes, you would…
- not actually be wearing shoes, you'd be wearing sandals or thongs
- be walking up and down hills a lot
- learn that dirt doesn't just rinse off with water, you need to rub it off
- walk on uneven terrain
- possibly have sprained or twisted an ankle due to the uneven terrain and lack of ankle support that thongs and sandals provide, fortunately I have managed not to hurt my ankle
- learn that thongs flick mud onto the back of your legs and onto your clothes
- get used to your feet getting wet and your thongs being slippery because of this
- wonder why you wore your thongs on a rainy day when your sandals would have been a better choice (no flicking mud up with the sandals)
- have a faint tan line from the thongs
- occasionally have clay-mud an inch thick attached to your sandals
- get used to dirt rubbing against your skin, under the thong strap
- regularly walk in the middle of the road and move to the side when a car comes
- only ever travel in a car at night
- forget about how hot cars get when they've been sitting in the sun

An uneven and stony road is shown in the pictures below. We have an industrial department who works very hard to repair the roads, but there are always too many jobs to do and it is very hard for them to keep up with it all. If you're industrially skilled, I'm sure they'd appreciate you here!

Here's my feet after a short walk.

A close up showing the dirt that's between my toes too.

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