Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Socialising and working

My social life has been quite full the past eight days, from Monday to Monday (yesterday). One of my meals on each of those eight days, I ate with company. I had an American Thanksgiving lunch on Saturday with a group of friends and then leftovers with a smaller group for lunch on Sunday.

Work-wise, I've been doing a few different things: reading books about linguistics and about culture, checking linguistic papers before they go on the Internet, spending time with Rebekah and writing reports on the Teop language in Bougainville. One of those reports is about my visit there and what I observed, and the other report is a 'People Profile', which is just information about aspects of their lives and culture. You can see People Profiles for other language groups online at: www.pngbta.com/nav/projects.htm

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