Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas mail!!!

Well, it was very exciting this morning when I checked my mail box at the Post Office. There was 12 pieces of mail for me! Nine of them were Christmas cards and one of them was a nice 2010 calendar. One of the people who sent me a card, also send me some Christmas stickers, gift tags and two decorations, so that was special.

Getting the cards and the notes that people wrote was very encouraging, especially since I was feeling a bit down yesterday. It is really encouraging to be reminded that I have a lot of friends in Australia who care for me and pray for me and are proud of me too. Sometimes I need that kind of encouragement – not just at Christmas time either, throughout the year too it is good to receive notes of encouragement.

Here is my little collection of Christmas cards received so far:

My new decorations making my house a bit more Christmassy:

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