Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

I started the day by making myself a special breakfast and then I went to a 9am service. After that I went on to Yahoo Messenger, put the webcam on, connected to Mum and Dad and opened my presents with them watching me, which was nice. Much better than opening them on my own.

I had invited a few people over for Christmas lunch at 1pm and I had been busy over the past few days doing some baking. In the picture below you can see my "good food pyramid", although you can't really see what's in the containers. From top to bottom: shortbread (top two), fruit loaf, cheese muffins and fruit biscuits.

We had a good main course consisting of borscht, chicken, ham, meatballs, rice, potato bake, cheese muffins, bread rolls and salad items. We had Christmas napkins and crackers that were kindly given to me by a friend here who didn't end up needing them, so we all got the daggy paper hats on! Here's a photo of us:

We had nice desserts too. Here's a mango and passionfruit mousse that I made (from my church's recent dessert book!) and mince pies and Christmas cookies that other people brought.

Here is some of the food from my "good food pyramid". From left to right: fruit biscuits, fruit loaf and shortbread. I forgot that you're supposed to use plain flour with shortbread and I used self-raising flour, so it wasn't quite the same as normal shortbread.

My guests helped clean up, which was great. They all left before 4pm and I had the rest of the day at home by myself. I looked through my presents again, and in the evening, I saw all my relatives on the webcam on Yahoo Messenger and chatted to them too (that is, 'typing chat', not a voice call, the sound is usually not very good for that). Even Jyra (my dog) made an appearance on the webcam!

Well that was my Christmas this year. I hope you had a great Christmas.

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Belinda said...

It's great to hear you had such a nice christmas :)