Saturday, December 12, 2009

Craft fair

Today the annual craft fair was on at Ukarumpa. Think of the local craft markets in Australia - it was a bit like them, with craft items and people selling food. It was all indoors in a building called the Teen Centre, which has two storeys.

Upstairs there was all the food stalls. People were selling Korean noodles, steak sandwiches, pretzels, sausages and cheesecakes. I spent about 2 hours at the craft fair, near the beginning I had a plate of Korean noodles, which were very nice, and not long before I left, I had a slice of an amazing chocolate caramel cheesecake. It was so yummy!!

Downstairs there was lots of stall with people selling their craft items. Both expats and Papua New Guineans were selling things. Some of the things for sale were: bilums (string bags), jewellery, coloured candles, hand carved wooden items, cards, fudge and pottery. I wandered around all the stalls about 10 times!! I bought some jewellery, cards and a bamboo flute.

Here are some pictures...

The bamboo flute, which is my new toy, I am having lots of fun playing with it. Yes, I can get it to make a noise!

A necklace with pointy shells. I really love this!

Some PNG style Christmas pictures...

The three wise men on their way to see Jesus:

The angels announcing Jesus' birth to the shepherds:

The three wise men and their dog on their way to see Jesus. I thought it was really funny that they put a dog in there!

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Poseidon said...

i am writing the blog about bamboo home decor , suppose name those stuffs to be small-races-jewlery. it can be more eye-ball-drawing.