Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Village views

Irue, the village I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, is always in view from Hiovabon (unless there are thick clouds). Here is a photo which shows the stretch of land that Irue is on, leading to ‘the point’. To give you a sense of distance, it took only 9 minutes to get there by motor boat.

From Hiovabon, we don’t have a very big view of open ocean to watch ships sailing past, only a small bit between the point and Teop Island (on the right in the photo below).

We could see Hiovabon from Irue too. In the photos below, Hiovabon is circled, with an arrow pointing to it (in case you can’t see the circle).

Teop Island is the land mass on the left in this photo.

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