Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our new village cat

We used to have a cat in the village, and then one day we noticed that it hadn’t been around for a while, and it never returned. Something must have happened to it. Since the cat wasn’t around anymore, rats began to become a problem in the house again, so Rebekah and I were wanting a new cat to keep the rats away. Thankfully a litter of kittens was born in a nearby village and when they were old enough, we took one back to the village with us.

First day in the village:

We think the cat’s a ‘she’. She doesn’t really belong to Rebekah and I, and we don’t take her travelling with us when we go to Buka, so she’s Joyce’s responsibility to feed mainly, but we’ll give her some of our leftover food if it’s suitable too.

A good lookout spot:

We named the cat ‘Kitokitoi’ which means ‘Firefly’ in Teop. She likes to receive pats, but I am allergic to cats and one time when I succumbed to her cuteness and gave her some pats, I suffered for it afterwards, with hayfever. She needs to be in the house to keep the rats away, so I hope that her presence inside doesn’t affect me too much.

Playing with a coconut husk:

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