Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We have TV in our village!

One of the recent changes to our village was the arrival of a satellite dish. It was put up next to a very basic bush material house.

There’s also a TV that connects to the satellite dish and I enjoyed watching one of the ‘Millionaire’ spin-off game shows and ACA one night, but I haven’t really looked at the TV very often.

NRL games are what really draw the crowds. In the next few photos, the people are watching an NRL game:

People were allowed to come and watch the regular NRL games for free, but when the State of Origin came around, the men built a fenced in area and charged for admission to watch the game.

Part of the fence:

This is the fenced in area. After I took this photo, they put curtains up at the front, to completely block the view and prevent anyone from trying to watch it for free.

The satellite dish receives PNG’s free-to-air TV channel, EmTV, which has a partnership with Channel 9, so it airs some Channel 9 programs including the NRL games. NRL is really popular in PNG, but I’m not interested in it. I wish that AFL was popular and that I could see some AFL games in the village. We don’t even get the Grand Final on EmTV!

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