Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lighthouse at Irue

Since Irue is near the point of land that juts out, it could cause problems for ships at night, especially since there is also reef surrounding the land. Because of this, many years ago a lighthouse was built there. During the Bougainville crisis, the solar panels for powering the light were stolen and the lighthouse hasn’t been operating since then, so it’s not helping ships these days!

Anyway, when we were visiting Irue, we went for a walk to the point and saw the lighthouse. It’s not like the usual brick lighthouses that you usually picture. It’s just a tall steel structure with a light and whatever else at the top.

Some of the young people who walked with us enjoyed climbing up the lighthouse.

“Light for safe navigation Stay away”. Clearly this sign isn’t heeded. I guess it doesn’t matter since the lighthouse isn’t operational these days, although certainly there's safety issues with climbing it!

Climbing back down the ladder:

Lighthouse as seen from a bit further away:

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