Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Garden disaster

As you know, I have a little vegie garden in the village. Well one morning after a windy night, we woke up to a small disaster in my vegie garden – a dead tree had fallen over and landed on top of my aibika plants, causing a lot of destruction. Here are some photos of the mess:

We spent some time cutting up the branches into firewood and clearing up the mess in garden. Here is a before and after photo taken of the same spot in the garden:

This is one of the bundles of firewood that we got from the tree.

I enjoyed cutting up the firewood and wasn’t too upset about the tree falling on the garden, but the sad truth is that almost all of my aibika plants were destroyed and we’ve had to restart the aibika plot with new plants and have a bit of a wait until we can pick and eat our own aibika again.

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