Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Garden harvest

I like cooking with eggplants, but there’s hardly ever any eggplants for sale at the market near the village, so one of the things I planted in my vegie patch was eggplants. I have several eggplant plants growing quite happily in the garden. See some in the photo below:

I think they’re the kind of eggplant that’s called ‘Lebanese eggplant.’ They’re the long skinny ones anyway, not the big, fat dark purple ones that seem to be more common in Australia.

Here is one hanging on the plant:

These are the first two eggplants that my garden produced. I was very happy about them.

Another day, there was 5 eggplants ready to be picked, which I took a photo of (below) and another time after I had been away for two weeks, I picked 9 eggplants.

I also picked some aibika with those five eggplants, but it was only a small harvest of aibika because of the damage from the tree a couple of weeks earlier.

And here’s the aibika by itself. For those of you who are wondering what aibika is, here it is. This is aibika!

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