Saturday, January 14, 2012

Don’t leave me behind!

Poor Scampi was heart-broken when we moved to Teop Island. He’s not our dog, but we’re the only people at Hio who give him any love (he’s a bit of a scabby dog, so it’s easy to see why he’s unloved). Often when we were leaving Hio after a short visit, he would try to swim across to Teop Island after us.

One time he tried going through the mangroves to see if he could follow us that way and when he realised that he couldn’t, he howled and howled – we could hear him almost the whole way to the island.

Scampi knew that he didn’t have the stamina to swim all the way across to the island, but the dogs who live on the island have built up their swimming muscles and regularly swim between the island and the mainland with their owners (when they go to their gardens on the mainland).

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