Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our living quarters

Rebekah and I are sharing a house with Joyce, the Teop lady who has attended translation training courses and has been working on translation. We share a small room together, and with the two beds in there, it doesn’t leave a lot of space for our personal possessions, but we have been managing well with a small corner of the floor each.

My bed is the one on the left in this picture.

The kitchen and living area is really not in the house – we don’t spend much of our time in the house at all. We just pop in and out during the day to get things, and sleep there at night. It has a tin roof with no insulation, so you really don’t want to be there in the heat of the day as it is very hot. We spend a lot of our time in the gazebo attached to the kitchen building. There is a table and some bench seats there, so that is where we eat all our meals, and where we do our language learning sessions, and where we sometimes just sit and chat. Of course we don’t spend the whole day in there either, we can sit and chat at the beach, or walk somewhere and visit people.

Our house is on the right and the general sitting area is on the left.

This is a photo of our house from the other direction, facing the sea (you might be able to see it). You can see another kitchen building with living area in the background too.

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