Saturday, September 11, 2010

I’m in Buka now!

I arrived in Buka on Thursday and have been settling in. The people who were taking me down to Lae for my flight to Buka cancelled due to sickness the day before, so I had a bit of stress to arrange new transport! I ended up chartering a bus.

On Thursday morning I was up early and we left Ukarumpa at 6.15am, arriving at Lae Airport at about 8.30am. I was a little bit concerned when they had told me that they would be getting petrol at Kainantu, near the start of the trip, but when we got there, the petrol station was closed, so I was wondering if we would have enough to make it, but they bought petrol at a roadside market that was selling it in large containers.

I arrived in Buka at around 1.40pm on Thursday. Yesterday I went into town and to the market. I was happy that they are selling cooked food again at the market, but they didn’t have my favourite – banana chips, so maybe they still aren’t allowed to sell them (the ban on cooked food was to prevent cholera).

It was rainy overnight last night and now it is very windy and not very hot. It’s 25 degrees in the house and the ceiling fans are making me cold, so I have my jacket on. I’d like to turn the fans off, but we have to have them on all the time, to prevent mould from the humidity.

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