Thursday, June 12, 2014

More progress on the house

Here are the latest photos on the progress of my village house. I took these photos before coming to Buka, but I’ve been told that since then, they have put the frame up.

If you compare with the previous blog post, you will see that the supporting struts and protective fence are no longer there, as the cement has dried and the posts can stand by themselves. The bearers are also on top of the posts here, and the window frames have been made and are under the roofing iron.

A closer photo of the window frames, with some other frames in the background, and the stockpile of timber behind them.

And just to give you a bit more perspective, here is the house from a different angle. If you look closely you can see the road in the background (it is white).

I’m in Buka for a few weeks, so can’t get new photos of the progress until I go back, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it has changed. It will be great to see the frame that’s up now.

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