Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Travel to and from the village

Whenever I travel to or from the village, I get a ride on a truck or 4WD. Some 4WDs are utes with roll bars and canopies and some have no roll bars or canopies, and I feel less safe in them, but I don’t think the roll bar frames are going to do much to protect me if the car rolls anyway, as we don’t have seatbelts to hold us down! Other 4WDs are fully enclosed and have two sideways bench seats behind the driver. We call them a ’10 seater’. They are the most comfortable ride to the village.

The 4WDs all go quite fast, but we also have some bigger trucks, which are probably safer as they travel more slowly. There is one truck that we especially like travelling on as we trust the driver to be careful. This truck only travels to the Teop area and doesn’t go further south. It has the name ‘Green Fingers’ painted on the front, so that’s what we all refer to it as, or just ‘Green’ for short.

Here are a few photos of Green Fingers.

The view when sitting on the back of the truck:

We were lucky this day, there wasn’t many people travelling, so you can see quite a lot of empty space. Other times the truck is full and we’re all packed in really tight!

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