Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aussie tourists

The Aussie surf tour blokes had an afternoon free and wanted to see a bit of culture, so the local people put on a cultural dance with music. They had been preparing for an upcoming event, so it was handy that they already had something prepared up their sleeve.

It was happening at the next village along the beach from us, so a bunch of us walked over to watch too. It was just the weirdest thing having all these tourists here! It was quite the novelty to me, so I took photos of the tourists…

I also took photos and videos of the dances too, like a local tourist.

And here they are on their little boat heading back to the big boat. I love this photo – click on it to see it bigger – it just has so much in it, especially the traditional (canoes) and the modern (small boat and fancy big boat in the distance), with the ocean and Teop island as the backdrop.

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