Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Special guest at Kekesu school graduation

I had just sat down and was ready to watch the procession of students and special guests at the start of the Kekesu Primary School end-of-year celebrations (in December) when a Teop chief came over and asked me to be a special guest. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea, but I agreed, because I also felt uncomfortable with declining.

So I walked over to the other special guests and took all my cues from them. The students formed a guard of honour for the graduating Grade 8 students and special guests to walk through before going up on the stage.

Walking behind the Grade 8 students:

There were lots of speeches and also some songs that the students presented:

Academic awards were presented to students from each year level, with students receiving a gift presented by one of the special guests. I was surprised when with no prior warning, it was announced that I would be presenting the gifts to the E-Prep students! It was rather funny and a bit embarrassing, because I don’t see myself as being important enough to qualify for presenting awards!

I didn’t get any photos of myself handing out awards, but here’s a photo of one of the presentations. Just imagine me there instead!

After all the formal presentations were over, everyone had lunch, and again I had it up on the stage with the special guests and enjoyed nice food. After that I was able to return to my ‘comfort zone’ of my village aunties, sisters and nieces and watch some of the dances that various groups of people performed. It was a long day, and we got back to the village just before dark.

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