Saturday, September 1, 2012

The hidden cactus garden at Singapore Airport

I had heard that Singapore airport has some outdoor garden areas within the airport grounds, and last time I went through Singapore airport (12 years ago) I didn’t see any trace of one, although I was aware of them. So this time I was determined to find one.

I went on one of the free internet computers there and I found out that the terminal I was in has a garden, and it is called the cactus garden. Then I went searching for it. I found a map which showed that it is upstairs, so I went upstairs and couldn’t find anything that looked like an outside garden. I asked a lady at a desk and she said that I needed to go back downstairs and find another upstairs section. I followed her directions and found myself in another upstairs area that still didn’t have a garden. I asked another person that was working in a restaurant there, but I couldn’t understand his English very well.

I went back downstairs and was beginning to think that maybe the cactus garden would continue to elude me. Then I saw a sign for a smoking area. It’s not a place I would normally seek out, but I thought that it would have to be an outdoor area, so maybe that’s where the garden is. I went upstairs again and finally found it! They only allow smoking in a small part of the garden, so I was able to wander through it without having to put up with nasty fumes.

I probably spent about half an hour searching for the garden, and only five minutes wandering through it! I would have liked to have spent more time there, but I needed to go back to the gate for boarding my plane. Anyway, after I went to all that effort, I hope you enjoy these photos I took there.

Me! Yes, I made it there and this is the proof!


Beth said...

Was it in the middle of the night when you were hunting for this cactus garden too? Looks like an adventure!

Purple Julie said...

It was around 8pm, so it was dark because it was night, but it wasn't the middle of the night.