Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making postaono

I have tried making village foods a few times while I’ve been in Australia, with varying degrees of success, but until now I hadn’t tried making postaono, mainly due to not being able to buy cassava.

I found some frozen grated cassava in a shop recently and bought it, saving me the work of having to grate the cassava myself too, but since I can’t find fresh cassava I can’t do that anyway.

I have helped with the various stages of postaono in the village, but I’ve never made it from start to finish, so I wasn’t quite sure on a few things and asked some of our village aunts on the phone for their advice over the last week or so.

So today was the day for making postaono. I got my ingredients together as shown below: frozen grated cassava (defrosted), tinned coconut cream (because fresh coconuts in Australia are rubbish) and a couple of bananas.

I cut open the packets of grated cassava and put them in the bowl.

Then I put in the coconut cream. This was the part that I felt most uncertain about. The coconut cream to cassava ratio is usually judged by eye, and I haven’t seen it often enough to judge the right consistency for myself. I decided to use the whole tin. This is the cassava with the cream mixed in:

Next I spread it onto a tray and spread mashed banana onto half of it.

Then I put more cassava on top of the banana and filled the tray.

Covered in aluminium foil and put it in the oven.

When it started to dry up on the top I took it out of the oven (maybe it needed more coconut cream, or maybe the covering should have been touching the cassava.

And here are two pieces of postaono – banana postaono on the left and postaono without banana on the right. Now you know what postaono is too!


Beth said...

That is a VERY simple recipe! Did it taste right? Did your family and friends like it?

Purple Julie said...

Yes, it tasted right and people liked it.