Monday, September 10, 2012

Change and transition

I have a big change coming up in my life again: leaving Australia and returning to PNG on 16 November. With change comes transition, and although the change doesn’t happen yet for a couple of months, my mind has entered the transition phase – I know there is a big change coming up, and it is on my mind a lot. I’m at the stage where I’m feeling a bit uneasy and apprehensive, even though I’ve been looking forward to going back for a long time and I’m still keen to be back there.

Many things and ways of doing things (like shopping even) will be different. It is a really huge change. Nearly everything will be different: environment, climate, people, food, lifestyle. The good thing is that I am not going into the unknown – I know the changes that I am facing, so hopefully that will help.

Since it is only 2 months until I go, I’m also feeling the time pressure – so much to do, yet so little time to do it in! But sometimes I have difficulty identifying what the ‘so much’ is that I have to do.

It is the same with returning to Australia. Even though I am familiar with Australia, when I return after having lived in Bougainville, PNG, I go through a transition process before and after arriving.

I think that the transition back to Australia this time lasted about 4-6 months before I started feeling more comfortable. The first month I was down a lot (a lot of grief), then in the following months it was a mixture of feeling up and down. After about 4 months I started feeling happy more often and feeling down less often, and my contentment with being in Australia continued to gradually increase over the months. Saying that however, I have never stopped looking forward to going back to the village either.

I don’t find transition easy – I don’t know if anyone does, but with this explanation in mind, perhaps you can now better understand and pray about what I will be going through in the months ahead.

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Joy Atkinson said...

Thanks for sharing that Julie. I know exactly what you mean having been through that transition many, I know how to pray for you...and I will! Blessings and Love, Joy