Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fancy, old churches

Perhaps ‘churches’ isn’t quite the right word – one is a chapel and two are cathedrals. But the three buildings that I show you here are quite fancy and admirable.

At Orkney there was an Italian chapel, which was built by and for the Italian prisoners of war during World War 2. The walls on the inside are beautifully painted – they couldn’t use real bricks, so they painted the walls to make it look like they used brick!

St Magnus Cathedral was also at Orkney, in Kirkwall the main town. It has a lot of history (google it if you want the details!)

You don’t normally associate the skull and crossbones imagery with churches, but here in St Magnus Cathedral is a memorial stone for some people who died. There were many such memorial stones throughout the building.

Lovely stained-glass window:

Another cathedral that I saw was Dunkeld Cathedral. It is on the mainland of Scotland, not at Orkney like the other two were. It has also had a long history.

Stained-glass at Dunkeld Cathedral:

A real pipe organ. No-one was playing it when we were there, but I think they are amazing instruments, they make loud music without the use of electronics or speakers.

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